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Gola Treasures

Gola Treasures. Chocolate from the rainforest wrapped in hope.

The cacao beans that give our handcrafted chocolate its exquisite taste and indulgent texture are farmed with the ultimate care and respect in the Gola Rainforest. 


This rainforest’s ecosystem is nature’s gift. It brings refreshing rain, it supplies the cleanest of air, and gives a home to the unique indigenous plants that grow alongside the cocoa trees to create just enough shade from the hot sun to ripen the fruit to perfection.

Understanding exactly where our single-origin cacao beans originate from allows us to maintain strict quality control to guarantee superior taste.  It’s just as important to us to know that our farmers are empowered to sell the beans themselves and receive a premium price for their work.

When you purchase Gola Treasure chocolate a percentage of the profit goes towards the protection of rainforests. The world’s tropical rainforests take up only 6% of the planet yet they are home to over 50% of our plants and animals. You’ll also be helping us with our vision to build supportive communities here in the UK and across the globe where everyone lives with a roof over their head, has access to education and healthcare, and the chance to fulfill their potential.


Gola Treasures will use 10% of its profit towards providing training and support for the women of the rain forest.  We believe that when we work together, we gain the power to build supportive communities and improve lives.





So, when we say that our Gola Treasures are wrapped in hope, they truly are. They are a reminder that wonderful things can be achieved when people work together.